PM203 Optical Power Meter

The PM203 optical power meter can be used to measure the radiometric power in a beam of monochromatic or narrow band light. Using the internal calibration table the micro-processor controlled PM203 displays directly the optical power in Watts or dBm or the calibration wavelength.

The power meter can be configured with a range of optical accessories including attenuation filters, integrating spheres and fibre connector adaptors.

The PM203 is supplied with a silicon photodiode detector to cover the optical range 200-1100 nm.

The calibration wavelength can be selected by stepping in 10nm increments through the range or by selecting from the user programmable list of up to 16 pre-selected wavelengths.

The standard power meter with the silicon photodiode has a power range from 0.001nW up to 200µW or an optional range of 10nW up to 2mW.

With the addition of a integrating sphere coupled to the detector the PM203 can be configured as a CW laser power meter.

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PM203 Brochure